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I feel like I am starting to accomplish my life goal of being just like Sandra Bullock’s character in The Blind Side. I took a poor orphan off the street and am giving it a better life and loving it like one of my own.

Ok, I realize that I am going a little far with that, but I really felt a burst of good karma when BC sauntered into my life. Even though Carter and I have been talking about taking a giant leap together and getting a kitten, he had an entirely different scenario in mind. Lucky for me, and BC, Carter has a heart of gold and wouldn’t turn a kitty in need back out into the streets. When poor little BC, sad and abandoned, crossed the busiest street in Tyler, he was probably trying to end his life. I am not saying that the kitteh was suicidal, just that he/she was desperate to find food and was not enjoying life on the streets. He must have used his spidey-senses to figure out that when people need help, they go to The Salvation Army (where they are doing the most good with your time, money, and donations). Lucky for this little kitty, he came to the right spot. We may never know BC’s origins, but I can assure you he was in a pretty rough part of town. When the man saved him from getting hit by the truck, he afforded this kitteh a new lease on life, and us the opportunity to make the world a little better for another creature. Carter was so understanding when I called and told him the sad story of BC. He put his original kitteh-getting plans aside and graciously opened his home to this poor little baby.

The vet says that he/she is probably about 5 weeks old and can’t yet tell the sex because he can’t tell if there are any boy parts or no. Let’s hope things become more obvious so that a more permanent name can be chosen. Boy or girl, this little kitteh has been such a joy in the short time we have had it. He/she is still getting used to real food, so at time his/her little digestive system gets upset and we have a stinky kitty, but other than that he/she has been a playful, cuddly companion. Wherever in the world we move this fall, I’m glad we’ll have such a nice addition to our family to accompany us.


BC Junior