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I promised a proper introduction for the kitten of the month, so here is the kitten who is always dressed to impress, BC Junior.

BC on the bed

Hi, my name is BC.

The vets told us that BC is around 5 weeks old and in good health. He still has a long way to go and is becoming more acclimated to his new surroundings.

BC is giving us a profile pose.

This my good side.

At first BC was frightened of the camera’s flashes. As I sat by the side of the bed, BC would go into Attack Mode and get ready to pounce on the camera strap. I took a couple pictures as he ran towards the camera, and the flashes took him by surprise and sent him running back to the safety of the covers!

BC at the edge of the bed being curious

You fall down go boom?

Despite how tiny BC looks, he certainly has a healthy curiosity (we shall see how healthy it is in the coming months!) and will run about the room like a race car driver.

BC is curled up in my lap.

Can I sleep now? Please?

After a long day, BC was content with sitting quietly in my lap while I uploaded pictures. It wasn’t long before he started purring contentedly. Soon after, he nodded off, so I placed him in his bed in my closet with some warm blankets.


BC Junior