I was hoping that since BC was torn from his/her bio mom at such a young age, he/she would overlook the fact that we look nothing alike (although it could be argued that he/she has my eyes) and assume that I was his/her mommy. Who says Dr. Seuss stories can’t happen in real life? Are you my mommy? Yes, BC, I most certainly am (but not in Jacob’s-creepy-mother-from-lost-who-stoned-your-biomom-to-death-because-she’s-psycho way.) I almost had the little kitteh convinced that he/she was indeed my “kinder” but all progress was lost when Carter got home from work. Carter has been blessed with a very thick and cozy frat sweater, so when BC ventured down his polo while we were watching LOST, the little kitten discovered a warm and fuzzy chest and decided that the search for his/her real mom had finally ended. Yes, I lost the mommy of the year award to Carter’s chest hair. I don’t even want to talk about the complex that I now have, so let’s just read Dr. Seuss and enjoy pictures of my new itty bitty kitty!