I liberated a lonely coconut from a tree in south beach Florida http://bit.ly/1cOwHXA


I liberated a lonely coconut from a tree in south beach Florida http://bit.ly/1cOwHXA

Worst hotel closet ever #vine http://bit.ly/1bg6jUE

Our new house (rented) in San Antonio! http://bit.ly/13sTUr2

Well friends, it seems that BC is a girl after all. That, or he has embarrassingly underdeveloped boy parts. We’re hoping for the former. We’re thinking about naming her Pachamama (though Belatrix LeStrange, Sabrina, Hermione, and Esme aren’t out of the question just yet). Feel free to offer up your two cents.

Besides growing up SO MUCH while I was in Nawlins, she also learned to jump up on the couch and the bed (to better terrorize daddy Carter.)

Ahh, how they grow. Does sassiness come naturally with age?

nom noms

I can eatz my own foto

Look, ma, no boy parts here!

It is amazing how two weeks can pass so quickly when you focus on things other than the passing of time and have responsibilities, especially new ones. BC is 2 weeks older than when Jamie first brought him/her home. He/she has already grown so much, physically and mentally! When we first brought him/her home, he/she seemed a little weak, maybe shy; now, BC has become quite adventurous and daring about everything, always ready for action.

Already, BC seems to have bonded to me and Jamie, and he/she is not content with staying on the floor when we are in a chair or on the couch! If the item in question is low enough to the ground, BC will attempt to scale it with the vigor of a professional rock climber. Sometimes, he/she will attempt to climb obstacles that would prove difficult for a cat twice his/her size. I have a slight allergy to cat dander, so I try to keep BC off the bed when possible. A kitten napping on your pillow can mean the difference between peaceful sleep and an all night sneeze fest! Despite the sniffles, I can live with such a slight allergy for a kitten that could make a stone statue crack a smile! Plus, over-the-counter allergy medications work well for me 😉

PS: Sorry for all the “he/she” and “him/her” nonsense! BC is getting older, and we will be able to let you know what his/her gender is very soon!

BC thought I was mommy before Carter's chesthair got involved.

i knowz i'm a cutekins.

My Boys, or more accurately, Mr. Mom and our gender-confused kitten.

I feel like I am starting to accomplish my life goal of being just like Sandra Bullock’s character in The Blind Side. I took a poor orphan off the street and am giving it a better life and loving it like one of my own.

Ok, I realize that I am going a little far with that, but I really felt a burst of good karma when BC sauntered into my life. Even though Carter and I have been talking about taking a giant leap together and getting a kitten, he had an entirely different scenario in mind. Lucky for me, and BC, Carter has a heart of gold and wouldn’t turn a kitty in need back out into the streets. When poor little BC, sad and abandoned, crossed the busiest street in Tyler, he was probably trying to end his life. I am not saying that the kitteh was suicidal, just that he/she was desperate to find food and was not enjoying life on the streets. He must have used his spidey-senses to figure out that when people need help, they go to The Salvation Army (where they are doing the most good with your time, money, and donations). Lucky for this little kitty, he came to the right spot. We may never know BC’s origins, but I can assure you he was in a pretty rough part of town. When the man saved him from getting hit by the truck, he afforded this kitteh a new lease on life, and us the opportunity to make the world a little better for another creature. Carter was so understanding when I called and told him the sad story of BC. He put his original kitteh-getting plans aside and graciously opened his home to this poor little baby.

The vet says that he/she is probably about 5 weeks old and can’t yet tell the sex because he can’t tell if there are any boy parts or no. Let’s hope things become more obvious so that a more permanent name can be chosen. Boy or girl, this little kitteh has been such a joy in the short time we have had it. He/she is still getting used to real food, so at time his/her little digestive system gets upset and we have a stinky kitty, but other than that he/she has been a playful, cuddly companion. Wherever in the world we move this fall, I’m glad we’ll have such a nice addition to our family to accompany us.

I was hoping that since BC was torn from his/her bio mom at such a young age, he/she would overlook the fact that we look nothing alike (although it could be argued that he/she has my eyes) and assume that I was his/her mommy. Who says Dr. Seuss stories can’t happen in real life? Are you my mommy? Yes, BC, I most certainly am (but not in Jacob’s-creepy-mother-from-lost-who-stoned-your-biomom-to-death-because-she’s-psycho way.) I almost had the little kitteh convinced that he/she was indeed my “kinder” but all progress was lost when Carter got home from work. Carter has been blessed with a very thick and cozy frat sweater, so when BC ventured down his polo while we were watching LOST, the little kitten discovered a warm and fuzzy chest and decided that the search for his/her real mom had finally ended. Yes, I lost the mommy of the year award to Carter’s chest hair. I don’t even want to talk about the complex that I now have, so let’s just read Dr. Seuss and enjoy pictures of my new itty bitty kitty!

I promised a proper introduction for the kitten of the month, so here is the kitten who is always dressed to impress, BC Junior.

BC on the bed

Hi, my name is BC.

The vets told us that BC is around 5 weeks old and in good health. He still has a long way to go and is becoming more acclimated to his new surroundings.

BC is giving us a profile pose.

This my good side.

At first BC was frightened of the camera’s flashes. As I sat by the side of the bed, BC would go into Attack Mode and get ready to pounce on the camera strap. I took a couple pictures as he ran towards the camera, and the flashes took him by surprise and sent him running back to the safety of the covers!

BC at the edge of the bed being curious

You fall down go boom?

Despite how tiny BC looks, he certainly has a healthy curiosity (we shall see how healthy it is in the coming months!) and will run about the room like a race car driver.

BC is curled up in my lap.

Can I sleep now? Please?

After a long day, BC was content with sitting quietly in my lap while I uploaded pictures. It wasn’t long before he started purring contentedly. Soon after, he nodded off, so I placed him in his bed in my closet with some warm blankets.

BC Junior